Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Isnít all this information already available for free online?

A. No.  While some of the information presented in the book is available on the internet, such as the Canada Border Service Agency information, much of it is based on personal experience, extensive research, interviews with many industry insiders such as Canadian and US boat brokers, marine surveyors, customs agents and dozens of individuals who have imported boats.  It is a comprehensive guide to importing boats that covers every facet of the process and is not available anywhere else on the internet or in bookstores.

Q. Iíve seen other books that have a few pages of good information then dozens of pages of useless links and otherwise irrelevant information. 
Is this book like that?

A. Absolutely not.  The book spans 53 pages, each of each is filled with relevant, timely and comprehensive information that will save you time, money and plenty of stress.  If you are not happy with the contents of the book, or if you feel the information was not worth the cost, I will happily refund the entire price of the ebook to you.

Q. Why are you using PayPal and is it secure for my credit card transactions?

A.  Pay Pal is the global leader in online payments.  With over 150 million accounts and growing, Pay Pal is the most trusted online payment processor. They guarantee security of payment processing and can handle all major types of credit cards.

Does the information apply to the particular province where I live?

A. Yes.  The book is written for the residents of any province of Canada.  It is not focused on any particular province or region and the information is applicable for boats imported from any US state.

Does the book just cover what you need to do at the border?

A. No.  The guide covers the entire process from how to find a boat, financing and budgeting, the purchase process, the border process, transportation, tax issues and what you need to do with the boat once itís back in Canada.  Every step of the process is coveredÖeven some you probably didnít know about!

Q. Iíve never bought an ebook, how does it work?  Do I have to read it on my computer or can I print it?

A. You can read it on your computer, ebook reader, mobile device or you can print it, whichever you prefer.  After you complete the purchase process, you will be presented with a link from which you can download an Adobe PDF file.  Once youíve downloaded the file, you can either read it on screen or mobile device or even print a copy to your local printer.

Q. Is the book available as a printed copy?

A. While I prefer selling the digital file for the simplicity and eco-friendliness, I can ship a printed copy of the book if you prefer.  Printing and shipping costs will be extra.  Please contact me at for details.

Q. Do you guarantee the quality of the information?

A. Absolutely.  If you donít find this to be the most useful, comprehensive and valuable guide available for importing US boats to Canada, I will happily refund 100% of the purchase price.

Q. What if I want my money back?

A. If, after reading the book, you are not completely satisfied, please contact me at and I will happily refund the entire purchase price.

Q. Does the book cover boat purchases from every US state?

A. Yes.  General instructions are provided which apply to any US state while detailed information is given for a subsection of US states where the majority of boats come from (i.e. California, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Washington, etc).

Q. How up to date is the information?

A. The information is current as of 2018.  It is the most up-to-date guide available anywhere.  If any significant components of the process change, the book will be updated immediately and made available to current customers.

Q.  Is the guide appropriate for motorboats or sailboats?

A. The guide is appropriate for any type of boat, from luxury yachts to fishing boats.  Where requirements differ for power versus sailboats, detailed instructions are given.

Q. If I buy a US boat through a broker, wonít they take care of the entire import process for me?

A. A broker will take care of only certain parts of the process, not everything.  The book describes in detail where the gaps are and where you need to be actively involved even if you are using a broker.  There are a number of pitfalls and potential problem areas you MUST be aware of and the books present each of these in an easy to read and logical format.



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