Table of Contents

Defining Your Search Criteria
- Determining your wants and needs

Financing a Boat
- Best resources of funding
Finding a Boat
- links to the best and most reputable sites
Evaluating a Boat
- what to look for and when to get advise
- types of surveys
The Purchase Process
- detailed steps on what is needed
Establish Clear Title
- buy with confidence
Preparing a Boat for Transport
- costs, prep needed and considerations for
getting your boat ready to move
Transporting a Boat
- what to look for in a transport company or
considerations for doing it yourself
Crossing the Border
- what to expect at the border including
documents needed

Bonus Chapters including......

Insuring a Boat
Licensing a Boat in Canada
Taxation Issues for Boats 
Buying a Boat through a Corporation
US State Specific Regulations

Appendix - Additional Resources
Appendix - Forms





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